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Designers and Artists


Alejandro Solózano

I'm Alejandro, a multi-disciplinary design professional based in Mexico, with 5+ years of hands-on experience in branding, calligraphy and lettering projects for lifestyle brands. I would describe myself as an outgoing, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic team-player who has a genuine passion for solving problems through visual communication. I'm a strong believer of the power of words to motivate people, that's why I'm focused on developing eye-catching hand-lettered quotes that deliver highly positive stories and messages. 

When I’m not designing, I’m busy staying up late looking for inspiration, traveling around the world or hanging out with my friends—always accompanied by my favorite music playlists and tasty food.


I am Kelly Bernal. I've been an artist since childhood and am so thankful to still be doing what I love today. I try to keep up with my VERY active 2 year old son. I dicuss the meaning of life with my 3 month old son. I hand out with my husband. I garden, I cook. I go fo walks. I travel when I can. I do design work for local non-profits and clients. Life keeps me busy and I try to enjoy every moment of it!

I am inspired by art that serves a purpose. My prints tell you what all those laundry symbols mean, help you steep the perfect cup of tea, and remind you how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon. 

My husband and I live and work in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania with our four children. Together we have been imagining, creating beauty from yesterday's treasures. from pieces of the past lying by the wayside. Our desire to redeem and restore includes using antique hardware, rustic hinges and original nails. 

We believe that your home should be reflection of WHO you are, what you LOVE, and the things you VALUE. Seeing your personalized artwork will create a meaningful environment in your home for years to come. Knowing that as God's children we too have been redeemed, we find great joy in replicating what He has so faithfully done for us. 

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Marla Rae

Marla Rae is not just an Artist. She is a woman who wears many hats. 20+ years ago she and her husband Brian founded the Barn Festival, a unique shopping experience in the country. The last two weekends of September each year, tens of thousands of customers road trip out to a dirt road, surrounded by corn fields, to shop over 100 vendors unique wares from across the country.

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Jaxn Blvd

Like any great story, Kim Jackson’s started with the simplest of beginnings. A few words on wood given as a Christmas present to her sister, turned into a thriving endeavor to share positivist through art. While Kim loves creating fun loving, witty pieces, she is also a wife to a loving and supportive husband and has three amazing children. Kim is asked all the time how she gets so much done from day to day.  Most of the time her artwork comes to life after the littles go down!  

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Mary Urban

I’m very grateful to work in an environment where we can create a lot of our own concepts. My favorite thing to draw is, and always has been, other people’s suggestions. There’s something deeply satisfying about hearing someone say “That’s exactly what I was picturing”. I do enjoy drawing animals and watching their personalities develop. I’m guilty of giving them little voices and backstories in my mind. I wouldn’t mind painting a cheese diagram, possibly with puns. That could brie pretty grate!

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