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History of Eastown Group



Jacky and Nikky founded a small workshop with less than 10 workers back in 1993. Dedicated to massively produce artistic frames, this duo successfully built an assembly line that specializes hand crafts. With an abundance of inspirations, they committed to a larger goal: becoming a leader of the design and manufactory enterprise.

To accomplish this ambitious dream, they traveled around the world to collect inspirations from fashion, art, and architecture industry. Cultivated design talents and built a competitive design team, Eastown Group quickly became one of the pivotal companies in the home decor industry.


Today, Eastown creates a variety of home accessory items for its clients, such as mirrors, wall signs, coasters, frames, wall clocks and even furnitures. The relentless pursuit of bettering its designs is what keeps Eastown influential until today.


Jacky and Nikky,2018

Fujian, Fuzhou, China

最终稿业通 (1).jpg

Eastown Headquarter at Fujian Fuzhou

Export Pioneer 


Designers and Artists

After a decade's effort, Eastown Group built Eastown Creation Cooperation Ltd in Fujian, Fuzhou in 2004. With more than 100 acres of land, Eastown has the capacity to become a prime leader in the local home decor industry. 

By 2016, Eastown designs more than 7000 new items annually, exporting end products to more than 50 countries. Eastown’s annual revenue reached 70 million USD, providing more than 4000 jobs locally and cooperating with more than 20 artist and designers overseas.


Eastown also received special recognition multiple times from the local government. Under Jacky and Nikky's administration, Eastown’s growth will be more prominent in the next decade. 


Our Clients in   our Showroom

Our Client participated in Eastown's Sports day

Social Responsibility 

Eastown is committed to protect worker’s rights and serve local communities. We keep that promise alive through our dedication to serving new generations of families.

How do we do it? By creating annual sports events and hosting award ceremonies that all workers can enjoy themselves in a rewarding atmosphere; By holding hands with partners and using the voice of our enterprise to bring communities together; By empowering the Eastown family to serve and support their local communities. 


Eastown's 20th Anniversary Performance

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